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What Size Do You Need For Your Storage Container?

The Florida real estate market is hot. According to one recent study, the Sunshine State is the #1 place people moved to in 2020. Many people need temporary storage when they arrive or prefer to do a few renovations before they move in. But do you know what size do you need for your storage container?

Whether you’re moving in, out, or just need some extra space, a storage container is a great solution to store your belongings. The big question is how much space do you need? To help you determine a storage container size, we’ve got some tips.

Inventory your belongings

Not all storage containers are created equal, they come in different shapes and sizes. To help determine how much space you need, you’ll want to inventory your belongings before preparing them for storage. Identify large items, such as dressers, beds, sofas, and other pieces of furniture. Then, determine how many boxes of possessions you plan to put into storage. Write everything down in detail.

Take measurements

Before choosing a size, most experts will recommend you to take measurements of your furniture (remember to account for oddly-shaped items that might need more space). Then, take count of the number of boxes and sizes of them. Having precise measurements will help you make certain all your belongings will fit into the container size you choose.

Pro tip: Take apart the furniture you’re able to disassemble, this will help you to consolidate your belongings and enable you to need less space – it also makes these items easier to move.

Understand unit sizes

Once you have a general idea of how much space you’ll need, use the information you’ve gathered to decide on a size for your storage container. GoStoring offers several sizes for your convenience.

  • 8-foot container – This is our smallest storage option, perfect for partial storage or renovations. It offers 355 cubic feet of space and is comparable to a 5×10 storage unit.
  • 12-foot container – Equivalent to the size of a backyard shed, this container size is perfect for studio apartment moves or long-term storage. Our 12-foot containers offer 633 cubic feet of space and is comparable to a 10×10 storage unit. These containers have two large doors for easy entry and loading.
  • 16-foot container – Our most commonly rented option, this container size is perfect to house possessions being moved from large apartment or smaller homes. Our 16-foot containers offer a generous 887 cubic feet of space and can be compared to a 10×15 storage unit. With two large sets of double doors, you can easily load and access your belongings.
  • 20-foot container – Larger than most storage container options offered in the market, this size container is perfect for people who need to store four to six rooms of belongings. With 1057 cubic feet, our 20-foot containers are comparable to a 10×20 storage unit. Double doors on each end of the container make access and loading more convenient.

At GoStoring, we understand our customers each have different storage requirements and are happy to provide advice or offer suggestions to help you choose the right size.

Determine how much access you’ll need

In addition to the container size and how much space is required to store belongings, you also want to consider how much access you’ll need while your possessions are being stored. For instance, if you’re planning for long-term storage, you’ll likely want to plan for a bit of extra space to serve as an aisle so you enter the unit and easily locate and remove items as you need them.

On the other hand, if you know ahead of time you won’t need to access any of your boxes and plan to move everything at once, you can stack boxes and furniture to the max. Stuffing the container to be full means you can probably rent a smaller sized container.

Pro tip: If filling your container to the max, be sure to load the most important items towards the container door so they can be accessed sooner.

Remember to account for rarely used items

Sometimes people neglect to account for rarely used items that might be found in attics, basements, sheds, or backyards. After accounting for and measuring your furniture and boxes, take a careful look around the property you’re leaving to ensure nothing is overlooked. You don’t want to rent a storage container and then realize you needed twice the storage space to account for items such as power tools, lawn furniture, or other treasures and heirlooms (such as those found in attics). This is also helpful to remember if renting a truck to haul your items to your new central Florida home before putting them into storage.

Onsite or offsite storage

After you’ve configured everything you need to know to determine your storage container size, you’ll want to decide if you’ll be keeping your storage container onsite or offsite. At GoStoring, we offer both options for your convenience. Oftentimes people don’t have the space or permission to keep a storage container onsite, so they opt for offsite storage

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