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How Secure are Storage Containers

Everyone can benefit from a bit of extra storage, right? Nobody ever suffered from having too much spare space in which to stash their stuff. Whether you are a commercial business owner in the process of relocating or a homeowner that needs extra space around the house, renting a storage container can provide real-world solutions to their problems.

How secure are storage containers? Before rushing out to rent your favorite storage container from GoStoring, let’s take a moment to better understand the security, accessibility, and beneficial features that a mobile storage container can provide.


Who Should Use a Storage Container?

Renting a storage unit is part and parcel of the American experience, at least according to the surging industry-related figures! GoStoring is a mobile storage container company that helps clients in and around the Central Florida area to find the storage containers they need for stress-free relocating, downsizing, moving, and business relocation support.

GoStoring brings affordable and flexible access to a range of storage container solutions, crafted to meet your needs. Let’s look at the available storage containers at GoStoring as well as who they would most benefit.

  • 8-Foot Container – This is the smallest portable storage container rented by GoStoring. Ideal for partial moves or packing up a room during renovation, this storage container is similar to a 5×10 storage unit.
  • 12-Foot Container – Equivalent to the size of a backyard shed, this 12′ storage container can relocate an entire studio apartment. With 633 cubic feet of interior storage space and two large doors for convenient access, this container is also ideal for long-term storage solutions.
  • 16-Foot Container – The most popular of all storage options offered by Central Florida-based GoStoring, the 16-foot storage container features 887 cubic feet of space with two double doors for ease of access. This storage container can hold up to four rooms worth of furniture and storage boxes.
  • 20-Foot Container – Whether you are moving offices or swapping homes, the largest storage container available will help the process. 1057 cubic feet of storage space provides the same coverage as a 10 x 20 storage unit. Ideal for larger homes and commercial projects, this storage unit can fit up to six rooms of storage.

How Secure are Storage Containers?

To enjoy stress-free storage solutions, we must be able to trust that our containers are secured. While there are certain steps that the container company will take on our behalf to secure our property, we should still practice a few preventative measures of our own.

So how secure are storage containers? Let’s look at the security dynamics and benefits of a storage container.

  1. Steel Construction – GoStoring utilizes the industry’s best storage materials in all of Central Florida. Each storage container is crafted from reliable, durable, and weatherproof steel. Solid steel containers will protect all of the contents.
  2. Resistant to the Elements – No matter what you are storing, the idea of the weather getting in can leave you feeling cold. Trust that your items are secured at GoStoring because they use storage containers that are both weatherproof and bugproof. Keeping humidity down in your storage container can go a long way toward the safety of your items as well as the storage container’s security.
  3. Secured Onsite Storage – GoStoring specializes in mobile storage put into the hands of their clients. Storage containers are rentable for both onsite and offsite storage, allowing customers to put security into their own hands if they wish. If you want long-term storage on a gated lot within an indoor warehouse, GoStoring can make that happen! Choose the service that works best with your needs.

Now that we’ve outlined a few ways that GoStoring helps to keep its containers secured, let’s look at a few techniques that you can implement to reinforce your own security measures. Follow a few of these tips so that you can sleep better at night knowing your possessions are protected.

  1. Install A Shipping Container Lock – For offsite storage solutions, it might be beneficial to install your own storage container lock. There are many options available out there, so we suggest looking for something that is weatherproof and easy to install.
  2. Keep Expensive Items at the Back – Put your most expensive, rare, or otherwise prized possessions at the back of your storage unit. Make them as inaccessible as possible from a casual passerby to offset any potential for theft.
  3. Weatherproof Is a MUST – Anytime you are storing your possessions in a mobile unit, make sure that the unit is weatherproof. Elemental damage to your stuff is far more likely than watching your possessions get stolen.

If you still have concerns about the safety and security of your mobile storage container, reach out to the team at GoStoring for no-pressure moving and storage guidance in Central Florida. It has never been easier to get going on your next move!


Storage Rentals Made Easy at GoStoring!

Founded in 2019 to serve Central Florida with a better brand of temporary storage solution, GoStoring has been changing the game with portable storage units. Affordable and extremely versatile, GoStoring has become the storage solution for residential and commercial property in the area.

With storage containers crafted from the highest quality components, GoStoring endeavors to offer its clients access to the best and most durable storage solutions around. Here are a few other ways GoStoring can help with your storage needs.

  • Waterproof Containers
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Bug-Proof Structures
  • Locally Owned & Operated

Contact GoStoring at your convenience to get a price on your next storage unit.

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