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Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Storage Container

If you’re preparing for a move, remodeling your home, or staging your property for sale, you might need additional, temporary storage for your belongings. You could bring your possessions by truckload to a storage facility, but that’s a lot of work and likely numerous trips. Plus, you won’t have easy access to what you need during the time your belongings are in storage. Here we introduce everything you need to know about renting a storage container.


A portable storage container is a perfect solution. GoStoring offers a variety of storage container solutions and services. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about renting one.


What is a Storage Container?

Storage containers are portable and secure storage units. Unlike permanent storage offered at a facility where you must physically bring your belongings to the unit, storage containers eliminate this hassle, making the convenience of portable storage unmatched.


It provides extra space when you’re remodeling and don’t have the space to store belongings, or you need to transport them to another location. How it works is that a truck brings the unit to a location of your choosing and picks it up when you’re finished. The containers can be placed outside a residential or commercial building where they can be loaded and unloaded at your convenience. It’s as easy as that.


If you’re planning to move your belongings to another Central Florida location, GoStoring is the perfect alternative to hiring a moving company. For local moves, we’ll transport the container for you. Furthermore, the timeframe to rent containers is flexible, which many people prefer to the hard timelines set by moving trucks.


What if My Possessions Don’t Fit a Storage Container?

A lack of space usually isn’t a problem for most people who opt to rent storage containers. At GoStoring, we offer the largest selection of storage containers in Central Florida. You can choose a container from 8’ to 20’ long.

  • The 8-foot containers offer 355 cubic feet of interior space and are perfect for home renovations or staging. These are comparable to a 5 x 10 storage unit.
  • The 12-foot containers offer 633 cubic feet of interior space and are perfect for storage or moves that involve two to three rooms. These are comparable to a 10 x 10 storage unit.
  • The 16-foot containers offer 887 cubic feet of interior space and are perfect for holding three to four rooms of furniture and belongings. These are comparable to a 10 x 15 storage unit.
  • The 20-foot container offers 1,057 cubic feet of interior space and is quite large, easily accommodating four to six rooms of furniture and belongings. These are comparable to a 10 x 20 storage unit.

As you can see, with our variety of container sizes, chances are there is a container that will easily meet your needs.


Do Storage Containers Keep Out Bugs?

Anyone who’s ever spent any period of time in Central Florida understands that bugs are a constant and pesky issue. Storage containers rented through GoStoring are made of all steel and are constructed to keep bugs out. You can rest assured knowing that bugs won’t infiltrate your furniture or boxes.


What About Bad Weather?

Not all storage containers are created equal. Before signing with a company to rent a container, be sure to ask about the container structure and whether it’s designed to withstand the elements. The storage containers we rent at GoStoring are engineered to keep out weather elements. Our all-steel containers have dual, sealed doors. As a result, you’ll have a container that is clean and safe, with a design that keeps any moisture and rain out.


Is Renting a Container Less Expensive than Hiring Movers?

In many cases, yes, a moving company is more expensive than renting a storage container. Considering the average cost for a local move is $80 to $100 per hour for a team of two movers, according to Consumer Affairs, this option could get pricey. At the end, when mileage, fees, and other services are factored in, a simple move across town can cost thousands of dollars. Renting a storage container costs a fraction of what it would typically cost two movers for just one day. GoStoring offers same-day scheduling, weekly rentals, and flexible dates to give you a variety of storage options.


When looking for extra storage space in Central Florida, GoStoring has a container solution. Whether you want to keep a storage container on-site, or pack it up at your convenience and have us transport it to our storage facility, we’ve got you covered.


Looking to learn more about renting a storage container? Contact GoStoring today. We’re happy to provide a quote, answer any questions, or offer additional information.

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