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Best Storage Solutions for a Move

Relocating buildings can be a tough task for even the hardest-working offices. Whenever a company or a homeowner has to move, they are required to uproot their entire life while hauling it across town, the state, or even the country. According to data acquired by the Census in 2007, the average American will move upwards of 11.7 times throughout their life. For business owners and homeowners alike, finding convenient storage solutions is the first step toward making the transition easier than ever.

Today, we are going to take a look at how GoStoring mobile storage container solutions for a move can make sense for businesses and homeowners of all sizes!


Offsite Storage Units

Whether you own a massive commercial warehouse or a small company with an office, relocating can be much easier by using an offsite storage unit. Offsite storage units are simply storage containers or units that have a lock-and-key and can be accessed whenever necessary by the property owner.

Offsite storage units are a great way to get ahead of the curve concerning your next move because they give you the opportunity to seize the day and work at your own pace. There are a few great reasons to consider an offsite storage unit for your next move, so let’s explore them together.

  • Long Term Storage Solutions — GoStoring provides offsite storage services for businesses that need to rely on them for extended periods. Rather than move your items every couple of weeks, consider a large warehouse with a gated lot as well as an extended contract. Your items will be safe, secured, and stored properly until you need them.
  • Work At Your Own Pace — The best thing about renting an offsite storage solution is that it will allow you and your business to prepare for the transition ahead. Rather than wait for the final day to begin packing and loading items, you can begin the process at your convenience and work at your own pace. This will allow your business to take its time relocating key items while prioritizing safe and secure handling.
  • Safe and Secure — Finally, an offsite storage location under the secured guidance of GoStoring can allow your business to rest easy while you deal with other facets of your move. Professionals in Orlando know that it doesn’t get easier than a trip to GoStoring for safe and secure storage.

As the storage industry continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of today’s movers, expect new disruptions in the market. Until then, the innovative features and benefits offered by onsite storage container rentals will fuel the industry going forward.


Onsite Storage Container Rentals

While offsite storage solutions are the more common option for movers, we tend to prefer the onsite container rental options provided by GoStoring. Mobile storage container rental units provide business owners and homeowners alike with space and security they need to store items with confidence.

GoStoring offers a range of amazing benefits and features to individuals who choose to take advantage of them for storage containers in Orlando. For movers looking to get ahead of schedule on their next move, consider the following features when looking for storage rental solutions.

GoStoring features the following:

  • Flexible Sizes — There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to making a big move. One company may need a certain size of storage container while another may not require even half the amount. At GoStoring, mobile storage is as flexible as it needs to be. Portable storage containers range in size from 8-foot to 20-foot sizes.
  • Household Space — Are you preparing for a big move? Maybe you just want to renovate your house. Either way, you can create space inside your home by renting one of the storage containers from GoStoring. These mobile units can be placed in your driveway for convenient access throughout the entire process.
  • Protected From the Elements — Mobile storage units from GoStoring feature waterproof and bug resistant containers. For homeowners and business owners around Florida, you already know how bad the pests can get! Your items will be safely and securely held until you are ready to take them back out.
  • Convenience For You — Your onsite mobile storage unit can be installed at your current building or the destination of your move. Convenience will give way to efficiency as your move is accomplished in a fraction of the time. No more taking several rides back and forth from one building to the next. Convenience in a mobile storage container has never been more appealing!

About GoStoring

Established in 2019, GoStoring seeks to provide industry-leading temporary storage solutions to business owners and homeowners in Orlando and across Florida. GoStoring prioritizes affordable portable storage units that are as versatile as they are effective. Working with GoStoring today ensures that each client will have access to high-quality units in a variety of sizes.

GoStoring offers a range of features to keep their clients happy, including the following.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Bug-Proof and Waterproof Storage
  • Pack At Your Own Pace
  • All Steel Construction
  • Residential and Commercial Storage Solutions
  • Locally Owned and Operated Business

To explore winning storage solutions today, contact GoStoring for your free estimate!


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